JJ Foundation follows the tenet of – Educate, Enable, Empower and proposes to build Global Education Hubs by creating various Centers of Excellence in India and United Arab Emirates.

Standalone existing institutions would be taken under the umbrella of JJ Foundation and will be converted into Centers of Excellence.

The edifice would be refurbished, remodeled, revived and relaunched.

Bleeding-edge technology would be integrated in the governance of all these Centers of Excellence.

Ed-tech Revolution 4.0

In today’s VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) World, the educational system is heading for revolutionary changes.

Post-pandemic, not only has the purpose of educators taken a 360 degrees spin, even the student community expects not just traditional learning and earning avenues, but those with rewarding returns covering various parameters including high value remuneration in lesser time spent on a task, freedom as well as multi-classroom experiences. Gen-Z has embraced the gig-economy model and is constantly upskilling to make a go.

Now is the time to establish Centers of Excellence and provide Gen-Z edifies of learning that are backed by bleeding-edge technology.

Tech has become the backbone of our eco-system and we all are now consuming information only through technological tools. Business environment too has soaked in technology, be it at production units, corporate houses or educational institutions. Information systems enabled and aided by technology are now taking care of institutional governance.

Centers of Excellence will be the guiding force to provide Gen-Z a clear vision in a world full of education-overload as we revamp existing institutions by uplifting the brand, business, pedagogy, infrastructure and bring them under the brand of a mother institution – J J Foundation.

Under the banner of these Centers of Excellence, value of Indian education systems dating back to the Vedic era of scholars and gurus be enhanced, which will lead to reversal of brain drain by providing world-class institutional structures but also phenomenal growth prospects in terms of career and work opportunities and entrepreneurial ventures through a strong corporate interface.

A purposeful brand will be created as legacy institutions enjoy a great recall that will umbrella all institutions and provide penultimate learning experiences to all. Core value will be to operate as educational edifies and also as high-value service providers to the nation, by focusing on nurturing consumer experience.

Moving ahead with a crystal-clear vision, our mission will be to give back to the society by making a meaningful change that has a positive impact on all stakeholders, by providing not just valuable experimental learning, but holistic development through global standard benchmarks.

Welcome to the tech-enabled, aided and empowered Educational Revolution 4.0

Who will benefit from these Centers of Excellence?

The Youth:

  • High-tech education closer to home
  • Multiple locations to choose from
  • World-class infrastructure for holistic growth
  • Bleeding-edge technology infused curriculum
  • Learning from global industry leaders and scholars
  • Outstanding placements and career opportunities
  • Competitive fees

The Investor:

  • To be a significant contributor in the Educational Revolution 4.0
  • Building high-tech intellectual capital and contributing to economic growth
  • Excellent ROI
  • Tumultuous growth prospects

The Society:

  • Continued employment for existing manpower of the institutions
  • Generate additional employment for youth
  • Highly skilled human resource availability
  • Network of high-quality institutions all over the country and abroad